Donate Real Estate

Why Donate Real Estate?

Sometimes selling is not the solution for your unwanted property. Many factors as hoarding, homeless settlements and also expenses like city code violations, association fees, taxes and maintenance expenses can overload you with costs for a property that doesn’t bring any return and that often outweigh the actual worth. The real estate donations to non profits are a great way to turn around on your behalf these expenditures. You have the option to donate a house, donate land, donate property to Charity Help USA.

Advantages When You Donate Real Estate

  • Is a great way to get a great tax deduction. The real estate donation is fully tax deductible because we are a charity.
  • The donation will help significantly your favorite charity, because non profit organizations do not have to pay capital gains taxes.
  • The benefit of making a real estate donation is very ample. Since the donation is a gift, the donor won’t have any capital gain, as a result won’t have to pay any taxes on any capital gain related expenses. Therefore  your charitable gift will benefit the donor with a tax deduction of the appraised value of the property. Please call us at: 1(800) 378-1145

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Fill Out The Donation Form Or Call Us

You can donate land, donate house, donate any kind of property!

Property Evaluation


Our professionals will evaluate your real estate donation


Paperwork And Closing

We will send you the closing documents to sign. We take care of everything else to complete the transfer.


How it works?

1. Fill out the above donation form or call us! 1(800) 378-1145.

2. Our real estate donation specialists will run a property profile to evaluate the real estate donation.

3. We mail the closing documents to you or your lawyer to sign. The deed transfer, recording and notifying all necessary state and municipality authorities to complete the transfer, is all in our care. Charity Help USA will be responsible of all taxes and insurance responsibilities, and send you a tax deductible receipt.


Still Need A Reason?

Hassle-Free, Simple Real Estate Donation-  Tax deduction for the appraised value of your property.


Our Team! Will guide you through the entire process. The transfer is done in a month.

Stop Wasting Money. Maintenance, association fees, State violations, penalties, taxes!


Tax Deductible  Your donation is fully tax deductible, support your favorite charity!