Charity Help USA

About Us

Charity Help USA,  was created to support charities to accomplish their mission through vehicle and real estate donations.

We put all our knowledge and tools to help charities to raise funds, through our donation program, as a result they can focus on develop their programs and mission and also to outreach and benefit others with their causes.

Part of our service is also to protect the charities and the donor of all liabilities and expenses that in the execution of a donation program, they may incur.

Our program supports charities like  veterans organizations, hospitals, children’s charities, environmental charities, churches, universities, medical research, animal charities, food banks, homeless aid.  

Our organization developed an unique program to retrain people and help them to get new skills then they can go back to the work force and get better jobs. Likewise, we provide housing units for people that don’t have a house and are in need of shelter.

As well, we process the vehicle donations in channels like e-commerce selling markets, therefore we can expose your vehicle to a very big market, allowing us to sell your vehicle for higher funds rather than in a local environment.  Our services are completely free to the donor, meanwhile your favorite charity gets better funds to outreach and execute their programs.

We are a part of the Charity Funding Services family which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. It has been established to benefit charities, nonprofits and foundations locally, nationwide and worldwide.



Director of CharityHelpUSA

Our Donation Program:

  • You can donate a car, SUV, RV, truck, motorhome, travel trailer, motorcycle, boat, airplane, heavy equipment, real estate and more.
  • You donation will make a difference. We help people to get new skills and then better jobs!
  • You will receive the maximum charitable tax deduction allowed by law.
  • Eliminate the headache and hassle of selling your vehicle or your property and donate today.
  • You accept all kind of vehicle donation and real estate donation.
  • Receive fast and free pick-up for your donation.

 Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

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